ene 19 2011

International Programmes Nebrija Business School – ESC Rennes School Of Business




On January 2011, Nebrija Business School is serving as host of Master students from ESC Rennes, France, from different nationalities Africa, America, Asia and Europe. During two weeks the students will have classes on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), taught by two first-line professors in the area: Tanguy Jacopin, Managing Director of Global Born; and Jose Carlos Martínez Lozoya, Manager of Corporate Reputation at Iberdrola.

CSR deals mainly with an active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms; not because that will increase sales, but because it is good for society.

The students are going to learn about CSR practices in Spanish companies, and specifically in Telefónica, Grupo Santander, Grupo BBVA and Iberdrola, as well as analyse their CSR Reports. They are also going to see cases on how NGOs, governments and the media deal with these issues; and how they affect the perception that stakeholders, employees and the community may have about a company. In addition, they will be able to know how CSR issues are dealt with in emerging countries.

The programme will be complemented with visits to companies, where the people responsible for CSR will explain the students what they do in that area.

As not all must be hard work, the students will also have the opportunity to do some tourism visiting Madrid and its surroundings, by going on trips arranged by our International Programmes Department.

Fernando de Vicente


Academic Manager

Nebrija Business School



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